Going Back To Cuticura| Product Review


It’s Cuticura product review day!!

Clear skin is where it’s at – in fact, it’s more than great; it’s up there with coming home after a long day at work and just taking off your bra. Yes ladies, you know that feeling. Clear skin is top 2 confidence boosters.

I hardly had acne prone skin until I was 25, which was as shock because at that age, my skin needed to start popping and glowing, so the set back was really overwhelming. I was suffering from hormonal acne and I didn’t know how to treat it besides going on contraceptives – which I eventually stopped using.

I tried out everything: Neutrogena, Johnson and Johnson, African Black Soap, Garnier.. you name it, but nothing ever gave me the effects I wanted. Neutrogena tried, but I still wasn’t happy with it, so I ended up just trying out Cuticura – mainly because of the price, it’s very affordable, and because I had been struggling to get a product with both tea tree oil and aloe vera in it, so that was a jackpot.

My products: the ointment is really good.

I decided to have a routine that I use in order to track my progress and I must say that it works. I hardly ever have breakouts due to the tea tree and aloe vera cleansing and purifying face wash. If I do have a breakout, it’s one random pimple that signals to be that my period is on the way *rolls eyes* The Jojoba oil scrub exfoliator (I use twice a week) is also good, it leaves your skin smooth and moist. I’m in love with these products because I’ve seen a difference in just under 2 months of using it.

Below is my routine which you can also try out if you’re considering using Cuticura:

  1. Tea tree and aloe vera face wash : use daily, except the day I exfoliate. I use the deep cleansing machine tool thing (i forgot the name) to deeply cleanse my skin every other day.
  2. Apply the Witch-hazel toner (I honestly forget this step 70% of the time)
  3. Apply the herbal ointment to my face after washing
  4. Exfoliate with the Jojoba oil scrub on Wednesdays and Saturday


My skin is far from perfect, but I am proud of the progress it has made so far. I will keep using these products and hopefully keep giving feedback  for those who are considering purchasing this brand.


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